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The PleaseStay. Movement is an ADVOCACY GROUP calling for unity and support to prevent suicide among young people.


What we are striving for

The PleaseStay. Movement is an advocacy group calling for unity and support to prevent suicide among young people.


Our vision is for Singapore to have a National Strategy for Youth Suicide Prevention led by a dedicated agency for greater effectiveness.  With this approach we believe that there will be clear direction, better coordination and effective integration of effort and resources to address the problems faced by youths today.  

We appreciate that some sectors - healthcare, education, social and family - have effectively rolled out programmes to support young people.  Many campaigns address youth mental health and target stigma on depression, but the discussion on youth suicide continues in whispers.   We need to address youth suicide head-on and seriously talk about prevention.  We believe that only a coordinated and integrated approach can effectively prevent suicide and its upstream issues of depression, anxiety and mental illness. 


THIS WEBSITE attempts to bring together concerns about youth suicide.  It is a platform for information on youth suicide and the network of support available. It offers observations on what's on the ground and discussions on prevention strategies which other countries like New Zealand have implemented.  It also highlights help services for youths-at-risk and families who are bereaved.  We must learn and shape an effective strategy urgently, as we remember the many young lives lost to suicide

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Who we are

PleaseStay. Movement was founded by a group of mothers united by the loss of their children to suicide.  Since its launch on 29th Oct 2019, the mothers have encouraged responsible dialogue about the rising youth suicide rates and the upstream issues of anxiety, depression and mental illness.  Many have shared their stories openly, overcoming their fears and persevering through the sting of stigma.  Still others have chosen not to be named and lend their support quietly.  All stand united on this journey to give a collective voice to say "PLEASE STAY".


Founding Parents

The initial group of co-founders are Doreen, Elaine, Helen, Geok Lan, Irene, Jenny, Joyce, Karen, Lay Hong, LiPing, Linda, May, Sandra and Yee Ling & Yen-Lu, and their collective voices were soon amplified with Annie, Espie, Jane, May Bautista and Schinde.  Their children are dearly remembered and deeply missed.  (see Remembering Lives).

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The PleaseStay. Movement was formed under the Child Bereavement Support Singapore (CBSS), a peer-support network for parents who have suffered the loss of a child, regardless of circumstance.  Since 2015, the number of parents bereaved by suicide and seeking help from CBSS has been rising.  This worrying trend could not be ignored and together with a few suicide-bereaved mothers, and encouragement from Over The Rainbow, the Movement was born. CBSS continues to direct and manage the running of the group until such time when it can be on its own.

Mothers talk about suicide


This Inaugural video is a clarion call for society to address youth suicide.

4 mothers remember their sons lost to suicide and appeal to all sectors of society to come together to prevent suicide and the upstream issues of anxiety, depression and mental illness.

Other videos here

More news on PleaseStay. Movement


If you would like to offer your help in this group and support our call to help prevent suicide, contact us:

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