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To help enhance mental health, we look to comprehensive wellness programmes that support mind, body and spirit.  We encourage active engagement in compassionate communities, routine self-care and seeking harmony with nature.  Many organisations can offer something which suits you.  Look around.  We list some here, but there are more to be found.

Festival of Color

A one-stop hub for youth mental wellness which brings together people of different backgrounds to exchange information, advance understanding, share experiences, gain support and seek help .

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Enjoying Sunset

Offers young people a daily dose of self-help tips to make their day better. Building on sound therapeutic approaches, we are an online safe haven for youths to share, care and flourish in their mental emotional well-being.  Sign up to be part of this community. 

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Rock Balancing

Offers many science-based mindfulness programs to reduce stress and enhance well-being. Weekly health talks conducted by healthcare professionals and qualified speakers are offered for free to the public. 

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Herb Plants

Aims to assist and empower persons with mental health issues to regain confidence in themselves and others in as they journey towards community reintegration. Services include day rehabilitative services, counselling and more. 

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doesn't mean the damage never existed. It means the damage doesn't control our lives.   ~ Akshay Dubey

Dandelion Leaves

Hush champions self-care, social inclusion & mental wellness into every workplace, school and community.  Led by the Deaf and people-in-recovery from mental health issues, as a form of empowerment, Hush aims to build an empathetic, resilient, and inclusive society, one cup of tea at a time.

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