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If youth suicide and its upstream issues of depression, anxiety and mental illness has moved you to extend your help, we are truly grateful. Your generosity may be expressed through Donations, Collaborations, Service and Sharing our cause with family, friends and neighbours.  Together we can hope for a happier life for young people in Singapore.


Many young people at risk need counselling and support but may not have resources for help.  Others who have lost family members to suicide have also shunned support due to lack of funds. You can help them by donating to agencies which offer professional counselling at no charge, or at subsidised costs. 


The Zen Dylan Koh Fund was set up in Zen's memory to offer free counselling for youths at risk. The fund qualifies for Tote Board's matching grant under the Enhanced Fund-raising scheme.  Donate directly to the fund or consider owning artwork (left) by Zen's college friend, Jane Goh , produced in support of this fund.  

Zen paintingbyjane1.jpg

Other non-profit organisations

Many non-profit organisations offer excellent support to young people and they offer low, subsidised or free counselling.  Here are some whom we have worked with and who are deserving of funding support - for your consideration:

Subsidised counselling for youths

Support for caregivers of mental illness sufferers

Educating peers through empowerment

Faded Shapes


The PleaseStay.Movement has given many interviews, talks, sharing sessions with agencies, corporations and the media.  If you are interested in learning more about youth suicide and related issues, please contact us.  We believe that the more we talk responsibly about this sensitive topic, the more we can all learn to be better stewards of the precious gift of life.



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If you would like to contribute articles on suicide prevention or  share information, research and observations on how we can better advocate for suicide prevention strategies among youths, please contact us.  If you wish to contribute in other ways, we can help direct you to like-minded agencies  who need of  volunteers.

White Washed Wood


You can also help by spreading awareness - by speaking up on harmful slurs and stereotypes about suicide and those who struggle with depression, anxiety and mental illness.  TALK Responsibly, use the right terminology and phrasing and tell people about the work that is done to help young people cope with the difficulties they face.

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