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We have compiled a list of support services which might help. Best to always "shop around" for a counsellor who suits your personality, needs and budget (some are free of charge) or a counselling program which you can commit to. There are also text messaging services like OTR Listens and Belle. There is no one size fits all, but there is ALWAYS help available. Take care and hold on to hope.


CALL 1 767

Call now if you are in distress and need urgent help.

How to help someone in crisis

Many organisations help youths with challenges including depression, anxiety and self-harm. Early intervention is necessary to avert any psychological pressures downstream and prevent escalating tensions and trauma.  We say to youths - it's completely OK to seek help and talk to someone who can support you.  Help can be anonymous and free of charge; it can be face-to-face, through the phone, or through an online chat platform.

If you are concerned for the health and safety of someone, or are a parent or caregiver who is struggling to cope with your responsibilities and concerns, you can reach out to counselling or  training programmes to help you manage better and care for yourself. 

If you have lost a young child or friend to suicide you need support and comfort. 

Coping with loss by suicide is emotionally draining and can derail you from your everyday living. There are individual grief counselling or group support programmes which can help you manage your needs and work towards healthy grieving, healing and hope. 

Wellness programmes offer renewal and enrichment strategies to help you adjust and adapt to your new self.  Search for various activities which suits your personality.  Join in and be a part of unities that come together to empower lives.

Help in Crisis


Suicidal behaviour may be triggered at any time. If you know someone who is in serious danger of losing their life, please reach out to help them. SOS has clear guidelines for you to follow should you find yourself in such a situation.


If there is immediate risk of self-harm or hurting another person:

1.  Call 995 for an ambulance or 999 for the police

2. Stay with the person until help arrives.

3. Remove any sharp objects, medications, or other potentially harmful objects.

4. Listen, but don’t judge, argue, threaten, or yell.

5. Use 24 hour crisis hotlines 

  • SOS  1767     

  • IMH Helpline 6389-2222  

  • SAF Hotline (for SAF Personnel): 1800 278 0022

For more information on how to recognise if your friends or peers are at having mental health troubles, the Mental Health Foundation has information on how you can support them.

Community Partners

Our Partners are agents of support and healing. They play a vital role in the ecosystem of support for those who are at risk of self-harm and suicidal behaviour. Their help also extends to bereavement support in time of loss. 

Reaching Out

The Zen Dylan Koh Fund / Limitless

Offers free counselling to youths regardless of circumstance, to empower them and help them fulfill their potential.


Offers young people a daily dose of self-help tips to make their day better. Building on sound therapeutic approaches, we are an online safe haven for youths to share, care and flourish in their mental emotional well-being. 

Over the Rainbow

Its mission is to transform mental health  for the 21st century through love, wellness and empowerment.  

Healing Hearts

Organised by The Therapy Room, the group offers Mothers a support community  to share emotional understanding, practical strategies and psychotherapy.

Recycled Paper


If you would like to offer your help by contributing articles/research/information on suicide prevention among youths, or support our call to help prevent suicide within your communities, please contact us:

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