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Suicide is multi-dimensional and multifaceted. There is so much to know and learn about it if we want to reach out to make a difference.  Volumes have been written, studied and shared, providing building blocks for us to stand on.  Some of the resources here were recommended, whilst many were found from our search to better understand youth suicide.  They also discuss matters of mental health and research into the social adversities and struggles faced by youths.

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News articles, debates and videos  about youth suicide and related topics in Singapore and abroad.

Old Book


Books related to personal struggles, self-harm and recovery  as well as grief support for families who have lost a young person to suicide.  

Circular Library


Reports, Research and Publications which help us understand youth suicide and prevention strategies.


Go Team

Suicide Prevention & Related Organisations & Agencies

Links to websites on suicide  prevention alliances, mental health agencies world wide.

Sheet Music

Music Playlist

Playlists of songs which bring hope and healing.

Bereavement Support


Help is at Hand

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How to cope with the suicide of a loved one

Holding Hands

Helping a student cope with loss

More available at

CBSS Resources

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Number of suicides highest among those in their 20s

We need to shine the spotlight on youth mental health issues which put youths in danger of self-harm and suicide. We urge for commitment and action to save lives.


Discovering Life in Death

Bereaved mothers, whose children took their own lives, turn their grief into a limitless source of support for other youth living with mental illness.

More Videos available

If you have resources which you wish to add to the lists here, contact us at

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