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Elaine Lek speaks to parents of an international school in Singapore about the loss of her beloved son Zen.  She elaborates on the risks of antidepressants and the need for responsible dispensing of anti depressants, especially among youths. (July 2023)

Doreen Ch8 Aug 2021.png

Doreen Kho shares her beloved eldest son Evan on Frontiers, a Channel8 programme on youth mental health (in Mandarin).  Presented in 3 segments of 6 minutes each, the programme discusses the Education Ministry's new mental health programme and the challenges students face and the support they need in their growing years.   (Aug 2021)

SNN Interview E&D2.jpg

This is a 4 part interview given by Elaine Lek and Doreen Kho to Singapore News Network (SNN), highlighting their perspectives on mental health and suicide prevention (July 2021).

(1) Suicidal thoughts are like cancer, it doesn't discriminate and can afflict anyone. 

(2) When a child takes his life, “the pain is transferred to those who are living.

(3) We need to wake up as a society and see mental illness for what it is.

(4) Do antidepressants help or hurt children

SNN Interview
Chasing daylight Elaine Interview.html.p

Interview on Stories of Modern Anxieties by Chasing Daylight

A dialogue on The Invisibility of Anxiety (Oct 2020).

AoS You will be found.jpg

"You will be found" - a music tribute to young people lost to suicide by the Academie of Stars

Produced by AoS for the launch of Over the Rainbow's Mental Wellness Festival 2020

Doreen and Liping share insights from the loss of their children to suicide. (In Mandarin with English subtitles. Produced by 35 Creative Lab (Nov 2020).ue on The Invisibility of Anxiety (Oct 2020).

This Tik Tok Talk addresses suicide head on and adds to the conversation on youth suicide prevention. (Oct 2020)


Inaugural Launch of PleaseStay.Movement

The PleaseStay.Movement was launched on 29th Oct 2019, calling for a National Strategy on suicide awareness and prevention.


Mothers Talk about Suicide

This Inaugural video shows 4 mothers talking about their sons lost to suicide and how as a society we must come together to raise awareness on youth suicide and the upstream issues of anxiety, depression and mental illness.

BBC video.png

Mums asking suicidal teens to 'please stay'. (BBC Report)


Losing Her Only Child to Suicide

Online article here (ZULA)


Bereaved Mothers Launch Initiative

A group of bereaved mothers who lost their sons to suicide has started a ground-up initiative called PleaseStay, banding together to promote mental wellness and remove the stigma of depression. (Singapore Tonight)


Discovering Life in Death

Bereaved mothers, whose children took their own lives, turn their grief into a limitless source of support for other youth living with mental illness.

mother rebuilds life.png

Mother rebuilds her life after son's suicide (Straits Times)

The theraphy roomThumb.png

Hearts That Heal Together, Stay Together

Healing Hearts - a support group in Singapore dedicated to mothers who have lost their children to suicide (Our Better World)

number .png

Number of suicides highest among those in their 20s (Our Better World)

We need to shine the spotlight on youth mental health issues which put youths in danger of self-harm and suicide. We urge for commitment and action to save lives.


Losing a Child to Suicide (Today)

For bereaved mothers who lost children to suicide, being part of the PleaseStay movement not only helped raise awareness about youth suicide, but they also found support in their healing journey.


Breaking the silence on suicide:

A mother opens up about the loss of her teenage son

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