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Please Stay.

Uniting for a strategy to prevent youth suicide and to help youths STAY hopeful.

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"I carry your heart with me ..."

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Prevent youth suicide now

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Concerns of the young

Suicide is the leading cause of death for those aged 10-29.

For each suicide, there are more than 20 suicide attempts. 

  We need a national strategy led by a dedicated agency for greater effectiveness.

Every life is precious. Let us act now to save lives.

A dedication  to young people lost to suicide

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Holding Hands

Support for parents who are caregivers to loved ones at high risk -  please contact 96982046 or Stigma2Strength (Singapore)

Urgent Help

Call 1767


If you're in distress,

talk to someone now or go to the nearest Hospital Emergency Service.

Help for Youths

Help is available.

 Some are free of charge.

You can remain anonymous.  Look for one which suits you.  

Try OTR Listens

- a chat service

Grief Support

If you have suffered a loss, seek  companions to help you find strength and courage. 



Find balance and growth amidst the difficulties . 

Remain hopeful.








How does a parent 'move on' after losing their kid to suicide? (Mothership, Apr 2021)



Making mental health more affordable by Anthea Ong (Oct 2020)

Colorful Books


LIVE LIFE - WHO Implementation guide to suicide prevention in countries

More at Resources

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Healing Hearts - a support group in Singapore dedicated to mothers who have lost their children to suicide (Our Better World)

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